Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year Resolution.

It has been long time for not update my blog.I admit i am not active blogger but it doest not me to update my blog.This year is the year of Tiger 2010.To all of you outside,it is not too late for me to say Happy New year to all of you.

For this year 2010, i had several new year resolution which i hope that i able to achieve it.First all,for this year 2010, i really hope that i am able to improve my CGPA and study well for my exam.For me,study is very important and core business to me as i still struggling to get good result.I hope that i can do well for my exam and be responsible students towards my study.
For 2010 year too i just want pray for the peace and tranquilty all over the world and also in my country.May the wisdom and compassionate guide our malaysian leader to be responsible leader in the future.For my new year resolution, i pray that my family especially my mom,my dad,my younger brother,Aaron A.K.A tito and my eldest brother,Koko will live happy and enjoy their life.I love you all.

To all of you,i wish you a happy new year and may you have a nice day.

Thank you.
Hilary Hiew.

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