Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Church Bombing incidence in Mlaysia;My Point of View.

I guess all of you outside hear a bad news that the three Church in Selangor attack by the arsonits.The news reported that three church were attacked by the arsonits in Klang Valley on friday 8 January 2010.

To me,it was very bad and i condemned such heinous attack that attack the other religious building.What is going in Malaysian Politics today? It is really ugly and bad.Such heinous attack should not occur in our multiracial society.To all malaysian christian outside,i urge them stay calm and peace.I never expected this new year 2010 attack is going be bad day after that such incidence.After the Cow incidence in selangor a year ago,here another incidence which should not occur in our society.To me, it was really disheartening and disappointed after the religion issue and sensitivy were used as main weapon to disrupt our unity and to attack other religious building.I urge the malaysian leader especially the DSN and IGP police to investigate this incidence in manner of transparent and bring those culprint who behind of this incidence to justice.As young people,i urge to all malaysian stay united and peace.Let us remind ourselves to learn history of other country such as lebanon,pakistan and India which had bad history in terms of tolerance religion and culture.I pray that such incidence shall not happened in our multiracial society.For years,we live in peace and harmony which our past leader build a stronmg unity for our generation.May the almighty God gives us wisdom and comppasionate in seeking of justice and truth in our life.

Let us remind our selves,regardless whether you are christian,Islam,Buddhist and Hindusim,we have one universal words: to live in peace and unity among all of us.Learn from history so that we can move forward in the future.Let us make our nation a better place for future generation.

Hilary Hiew.

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