Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Breakfsat sale on 13 september 2009.

Two days ago,i joined the Breakfast Sale which conducted by the CSSUKM@Catholic Student Society in UKM.The purpose of this Breakfast Sale is to raise the money to fund our incoming activities.To me,this is good activities which is interesting and yet fund to us.By Having this activities,it will definely promote spirit the unity among the members as well integrate with other member especially between junior and senior members.Such this activities are good for us for we able to sharpen our Soft skill which crucial to us especially undergraduate students so that this skill able to applied in our daily time.Here i compile with several pictures in above.Hope you enjoy of it.
I will like to say thank you to the member as well as the excos for conducting this event which is very crucial and meaningfull.As member of the CSSUKM,it is hope that this event shall be held again in the future to promote our spirit of brotherhood in Christ and thank God that everthing is planned well.

Adios Amigo,


15 SEPTEMBER 2009.

The 16 september day.A rememberance of the Sabah and Sarawak Joined the Malay Peninsula to form Malaysia.

On this 15 september 2006,is the eve of the malaysia day.Tommorow it will rememberance day when Sabah dan sarawak joined the Federated states of Malaya in 16 september 1963 to form our nation what we called as Malaysia.I beg most of the people do not see the 16 september day as insignificant but to me as Sarawakian people,it is important day when Sabah and Sarawak joined the Peninsula Malaysia to form the new state that still existed today,Malaysia.

For 46 years,we have seen the changes when sabah and sarawak joined the Malay Peninsula to form the states of Malaysia.Before i elaborating issue further,let slook to the history before the existence of Malaysia.Before Malaysia existed in 1963,Senanjung Melayu or Malay peninsula was just achieved the independence day on 31 august 1957 from british colonial power,Sabah and Sarawak at that time was still in Crown Colony under british Colonial Powers.Somehow in 1960s,there is widely of the Confrotation Issues as well as the sentiments of People of Sabah and Sarawak for their nation need to achive the independence.During the 1960s,the issue of the creation of the malaysia which consist the Brunei,Singapore,Senanjung Malaya as well as the Sabah and Sarawak was first presented by the then prime Minister Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman during the speech at the Adelphi Hotel In Singapore.A commision called Cobold commision was set up which led by the UN member that lead by the Commisioner Lord Cobbold.The Cobold Commison consist five members which objectives to investigate whether the Sabah and Sarawak people are agreed or not agreed to join the Federated Malay state.

Despite that Sarawak and Sabah had been joined the malaysia since 1963,Sarawak state still lagging behind in terms of infrastructure and development that need to catch up with the other counterpart of state.Rural area like Kapit,Bario,Belaga,Julau and the Mukah are still poor in frastructure that badly needed such as road,water,electricty and the public ammenities such as School and so on.Despite Sabah and Sarawak disribute 90% oil royalty to Federal government,Sarawak still lagging behind of it . It is hope that old policy should be change this time and the oil royalty should increase from 5% to 30% oil royalty to the state government especially Sabah and Sarawak so that this two states continue to catch up fast development.To me as sarawakian,i see the huge gap between sabah and Sarawak and the Senanjung Malay.This disparity of the economy should not be existed.

However,the federal government should gave huge Financial allocation to the Sarawak and Sabah for this two east malaysian state are part of Malaysian.Discriminatory policies that related to the non muslims as well as the Dayak people should be abolished.The Governmet should be more transparent when helping to the other races such Dayak people,minority races likes Penan,Kelabit and Kenyah.Eventhough right know with introduction of the 1malaysian concept but to me i am doubt of it.Certain malaysian people especially the senanjung malay people still regard the sarawakian state as poor state in malaysia.I was very sad and disheartening of what the Senanjung people saying that the borneo people esepecially the sabah and sarawak people are poor state.Yet another previous statement by the Pas Chief saying that people in rural area still wearing Cawat.Such uncivil-minded people should be discard.

As Sarawakian people,i hope that incoming the future that sarawak state continue to be prosper and ruled by the Sarawakian people. Let us remind our selves that without the existence of Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia,definely Name of Malaysia will not existed.Let remind to the younger Generation that the true Malaysian independence achieved when malaysian people celebrated the Malaysian independence on 16 september 1963.

Thank you
Hilary Hiew
15 september 2009.

Monday, September 14, 2009

MACC and RMP:the question of the integrity

For this week,i would like to share my views and opinion about the topic that i am going to discuss.

For several months ago,we were shocked with the death of the political aide to the Selangor Executive councillor,Teoh Beng Hock who was found death in the vicinity of MACC Selangor headquarters on July.He was believed to have fallen from the 14th floor.To me,it was very shocked for such young man should fight for the good cause found dead in MACC Selangor headquarters.It was really shocked and to make me suprise that it was found dead on the office of the MACC.How come he found dead on that building.To me,i was wondering where is the security surviallance on that building MACC Building that we highly respected as commision that fought against the corruption problem.Why should be happened?

I was wondering,is there any death ploy which perpuated by the UMNO people,after all,he was witness for the corruption cases.I also question the integrity of MACC in conducting the duty and their proffesionalisme.How come the this witness were found death on this MACC building?This young witness should be protected by MACC for giving the information and MACC officer to facilitate the investigation of the corruption cases.This is another puzzle question that should be answers by the MACC officer itself.Or probably the MACC is the another Najib propaganda machine that attempted to crackdown the oppisition parties and people.If this true,mean that the MACC are losing the trust and faith from Malaysian people.For me,this incident remind me to the another prevois story which the death of the A.Kugan who was found death while in police custody.I also question the integrity and proffesiolisme of the Malaysian Police when conducting their duty and handling the prisoner while in Jail.Are there performed their duty well as well the transparent when handling the certain crimal cases.

As Malaysian,this case should not be happenned in that building for we believe that MACC is the independent commision to fight not just corruption cases but also the money politics and emblezzement finds that rampant in malaysian socity and politics.

I believe every Malaysian people really want the authorities to fight the corruption cases.It is just how they performed their duty.

The death of A.kugan in the police custody and the death of Ten Beng Hock in MACC building reminds how the police and the MACC conducting their duties when handling the certain cases.To MACC and the Police,i urged this two enforcement agency to be transparent and accountability when performed their duties.They should be more intergrity and honest when handling the certain criminal cases.

Let just hope that in ther future,that this two incident shall never happened again the future.

15 SEPTEMBER 2009.

The Cow incidents:Another ugly episode in Malaysia.

We had just celebrated our country 52th independence day since our country free from the british colony power in 1957.Somehow,we as malaysian been shocked with ugly incidents with should not happened in our multiracial society.Just before our country celebrated 52th independence day, 3 before,we been shocked with Cow incidents.On 28th august 2009,a group 50 section 23 residents (alleged by the UMNOputras member) after Friday prayer,marched from the state Mosque to the state sectariat at 300m away to protes the relocation of the Hindu Temple.

In the process,the severed head of a cow was produced and some overzealous protestors stepped on it.It was recorded by the Malaysiakini for all to see.To me as Malaysian people,this is very outrageous behaviour that should be not happened in our society.Instead of sending the Cow head as the sign protesters,the resident themselves should ues the proper channel to voice their grouse and concern.It is really disgusting and yet another sign shows that the element racist still existed in our society despite we been urged to promote peace and unity among the malaysian people.To me,this is should not happened. and the most shocking is that this cow are sacred animal to the Hindu people.I want ask question to them ,do you what are you doing?Have your religion ever teach you on how to respect the other people or races?Do you know that we live in peace in multiracial society and we should not offend the sensitivity of the other races?
As a Malaysian non Muslim,despite i am non muslims,i always believe that the Islam religion teach the muslim people to respect the other people belief and their sensitivity.To all Hindu people,i urged them to be sensibel and patients in this ugly episode.

As malaysian,i totally against of this violent behaviour that should not been happened.We should respect the belief and sensitivity of the other people.After all,we are malaysian that live in peace and unity and we are lucky for having the diversity culture that we should defend of it.Such incident that happened previous weeks ago are remind us that we as the mutiracial society still struglling to overcome the racissm issue as well as the racial polarisation that still rampant in our society today.To me,This prostester shoud be charged under Sedition Act for inciting the religious violence in Malaysia.For whatever reason ,do not use the sensitivity of the other races to voice the concern.Instead use the proper channel to voice the concern or grouse to the higher authorities.

For year and years,we have teach and though to promote the peace and unity among the multiracial society.As young people,we should thankfull to the God Almighty for we live in peace and unity and blessed with beautifull nation.

Let us remind ourselves that the Cow incidents shuold not happened in our society.Take it as lessons to us for promoting peace and unity among the malaysian people regardless of their respective races and religion.Let pray that the ugly episode should not happened again in the future.
Thank you.
15 september 2009.