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Fourth Assignment.

The language and information technology.
The Fourth Assignment.

The DOA-Dissertation Online.

The DOA-Dissertation Online has two connotations.First,the dissertataion online is about the the forms of the material for the references.It can actualyy can acquired or download material over the online portals that significally usefull writing in your own dissertation.
The second meaning of the dissertation online is that it can actually place an order for such school requirement.Online companies that are engaged in custom writing services are the ones that can provide you a writing service for all types of dissertations. You only need to specify the order detail like telling the company to create for you a law dissertation or a marketing dissertation and all you need to do is to wait for it to be delivered right to your e-mail. This is practically the easiest and most convenient way of understanding what a dissertation online really is.

The sources is:

The summary of the article called''Gendered Futures? women,the ICT workplace and stories of the future''.

In this article,it is investigates about the women and the ICT which connected to each other.It is about the future in relation of the women in the information and technology through sevral development and therotically and methodilically stances in the future.The women and the ICT also discussed about the concerns of the future of the ICT interms of the skill and lack of experiences as well as the gender imbalances.In conclusions,it is hope that there will be better future in for the women in working the Information and communications fileds.

The sources is:

The second summary of the article'' a usability evaluation method for e-learning:focus on motivation to learn'

This article discuss about a usability evaluation method for e-learning:focus on motivation to learn which a developement questionaire based on the usability evaluation method for e-learning is prescribed.This method was developed according to the established method in HCI research .Two empirical studies were conducted in order to get a best results.In conclusions,the E-learning is usefull in every field including the education field which helps the learner to get better knowledge. as well as the application of e-learning.

The sources is:

27 MARCH 2009.

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Improve the my blog

Anneyeong haseyo

chonum hilary hiew imnida.

there several annoucement news about my blog.To all viewers who watching my blog,i gonna make several changes on my blg.To all of you,i will try my best to improve my blog so that my blog to be more interactive ang active blog.As you know that,my blg are not quite interesting and active and after all this is my first i have my own blog and become a blogger.i will try to learn to add up more on pictures and video as well as the music to lighten up my blog.So that is why i need suggestion and feedback from all of especially those who seeing my blog.I welcome any suggestion and criticsm from all of you as a my guidance in enhace my blog so that it well helps me to be good blogger in the future.i hope that i able to get a feedback and suggestion for improving my blog.Okay.kamshaminida.

hilary hiew
25 march 2009.

fifth assignment

the language and information and technology.
the fifth assignment.

The concordances.

According to the wikipedia resources,(,the concordances is a computer programtaht automatically constructs concordancers.The output of the concordancers may serve as input to a translation memory system for computer assisted translation.The concordancer also used in corpus linguistic to retrieve alphatecically or otherwi sorted lists of linguistic data from corpus in question.

Concordances had several it function.Concordances programme turn the electronic texts into the database which can search.Usually the words queries are always possible but most of the programme also offer the possibility of searching for word combinations within a specific range of words and looking up parts of words.

Concordancers search what is called the corpus(the plural is corpora),which is basically a database of language.There ara many in exstince in both general and specialised,although no corpus can be regarded as complete.Bear in mind that the concordances are only good for searching database.

The sources,

The summary for the article about the concordancer in ELT

In this article about the concordancers in ELT(English Language Teaching)

It is talking about the concordancer which is a piece of the software,either installed on a computer or accesed through the website which cab be used to search ,acces or analyse language from corpus.The concordancers can helps us in several ways.
The concordancers can be usefull to the students to search the information such as exploring the collocations,looking their own errors,understanding the different uses or meaning,finding the genuine examples and the material creation.However the there are several problems that related to the concordances.Its information are high standards that too challeging for the lower is alsoThere are, however, some corpora which are collected from more restricted sources and some that are even collected from non native / student use of language. An example of one such concordancer is at: .Secondly,Some online concordancers such as will search only selected web pages, so you can limit the amount of input your students get.
Nogt all the concordancers are usefull to the student and the teachers and some it can be complex.It is also about the internet connection where not all the students had access to the internet during the class.In conclusion,the conccordancers can be usefull to the students as well as the teachers as it important resources that helps the student and teacher to enchance their knowledge.

My personal view on the concordancers is that it is usefull to the students and teachers as the concordancers is a list of words in piece of the text or a collection of texts.It is usefull for the lingusitic people where he/she can learn the langugaes as well as the grammars and the words.It is also benefits to the teachers in certain subject that related to the languages.It is because the teachers are able to enhance their knowledge by getting the information from the cocnordances and assisting them in the language subject such as English Language teaching.The students were able improve their language proffeciency as the concordancers are providing the new words or language whcih is usefull and effective wasys.In conlusion,we say that the concordancers are very usefull to the students and the teachers iself in English language teaching.

25 MARCH 2009.

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Continuing the third assignment

The similiraties and differences among the several search engine.

The Similiraties and diffrences among the several search engine can be found such the Yahoo search engine,Google search engine,MSN search engine as well as the other search engines such as and example,the Yahoo search engine had search engine which has hypertext and the Hyperlink.Here is the example of the and the search engine which is shown at the top.
The similiraties among the and the is that each of them had the search engine and had the hypertext.For example the google had search web as same with the
The differences among the and the is that in search engine,it did not have the any pictures which is not interactive unlike the search engine which is far more interactive and hyperlink to the other website.For example the search engine,it had provided the more hypertext to the other website.
There also other Website that provided the search engine such as American, and others.
In conclusion,we can say that the every directories had it own the search engine and the characteristic which is different from the others and had provided the hyperlink which can connect to the other website.It is very usefull to the computer user who want find the information through the search engine the website.

Continuing the third assignment

The third assingnment


The third assingment.

Title:The search engine in the web and the similarities and differences among the web directories.

In this third assingment,it is discuss about the search engine which can be found on the web directories as well as the simililarities and differences among the several website.

According to the wikipedia resources,the search engine can definely as a tool that designed to search the information in the world wide web.The search results are usually presented in a list and are commonly called hits. The information may consist of web pages, images, information and other types of files. Some search engines also mine data available in newsbooks, databases, or open directories. Unlike Web directories, which are maintained by human editors, search engines operate algorithmically or are a mixture of algorithmic and human input.


In the website ,a search engine can follow according to the order

a)web crawling


c)web crawling.

There are several website that provided several search engine which help the computer user to search the information through the search engine.

The several popular webengine such as Google which is the most popular among the search web engine as late 2007.Several countries also provide search engine for its own people.For example the People Republic of China had its own search web engine ,Baidu whereas in India, is popular search engine in India.

There are several similarities and diferences among the search web engine.

For example like,in,the search engine in this website provide the choices for the search engine user.The provide the search engine in two choices,the web or the Pages from website.

It is diference to the Yahoo website( which is far more interactive as well provide for hyperlink and hypertext to the other website.It is usefull to the search engine users.

In Yahoo search engine.

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language and information technlogy.

language and information and technology.

second assingment.

Title;How the blogging asssist the language learning to improve and enhance their writing skill.

The blog can improve the writing skill as well as the producing a good writer on the blog.

Wrriting the blog improve the writing skill.

Do you know that writing can be enhanced by writing journals or blogs.
The new age has given us a new way to write our journals. The internet has given us blogs.
I for one like blogging and it's my way to enhance or to improve my writing. It does not only expresses my thoughts but also improves my writing skills.
I advise english learners to try and practice your writing skills. If you're reluctant to post a blog entry, try it out with comments. Like posting comments on my blogs.
Scared that you might write it incorrectly, don't worry we're all learners. We learn by committing mistakes first. Leave a comment on my blogs, and I will correct them.
If you would want me to correct them -- please indicate it in your comment.
I want to make it clear that I am going to correct your comments on my blogs and not your blog entries. I don't have that much time to dwell on it. But if you would want me to be your online tutor, then that would be another story.
If you would want me to be your online tutor, just send me a message.

This source from the URL Website;www.englishbaby/lessons/4360/member_submitted/writing_blog_can_improve_writing_s

it is show that the writing blog can improve the language learner is because the blog written by blogger give an advantage to him or her to acquire the writing skill and at the same time ,he or she able express their thought and views.

In second opinion also give an opinion about the enhance of the writing skill by the blog.

You already know that the main reason why I blog is to enhance my English communication skills because there’s no other way that I know to enhance it but in writing alone. It’s true that I finished my college with high grades in English, but I am actually really bad in speaking and writing in English.
I once applied as College Teacher in one of the universities in Quezon City, but I was not accepted, and learned that evaluators gave me a grade with a big remark: “Poor English Communication and with Provincial Accent”. That was the most embarassing experience that I have. But it encouraged me to find ways to enhance my communication skills (in English).
And so I started blogging (year 2003). I tried to write my thoughts and let the world read those things I wrote. I might not noticed my mistakes but at least some readers told me about it. I remember that few of the visitors commented on my grammar in my posts, “Boyzone Member A Gay” and “Pacquiao vs Larios Boxing Bout“. I am actually hoping that someone can comment on this blog again like that because I know criticizing me will lead me to learn something.
And now that I’m already on my one year blogging on this blog, I think, I get some improvements….
And yes, there’s a great improvement on my writing style, spelling and grammar compared to my old posts. I can actually write a post in just 15 minutes without writing it first in a blank paper as draft. But of course it’s not yet the end. There might be a little success in that but I still need to enhance it more and more. Maybe until everybody will recognize me as one of the great bloggers around the world.

This resources from the URL; writing -skills

And Also reading the several articles which i get from the website.The articles mention about the advantagesof using the blog.Here is the articles i get from the

The advantages and disadvantages of the blog.

August 23, 2004Blogs and blogging: advantages and disadvantagesBy Gerry McGovernIsn’t it interesting that some of the most significant ‘revolutions’ of the last twenty years have all had to do with writing? How retro is that? First we had email, then webpages, then mobile phone texting, and now blogs. All this reflects a trend whereby the world is becoming more formal in how it communicates. Instead of body language and endless conversations, communication has shifted towards endless words on a screen.Bloggers are people with attitude. They say there’s a book inside everybody. Well, the Web and blogs have let the book out! There has literally been an explosion of opinion. Traditionally, public relations was about honing a silvery message that communicated exactly what the organization wanted us to hear. Now, we can hear all sorts of voices on the subject. It’s true democracy at work.The advantages of blogs from an organizational perspective include the following:
The consumer and citizen are potentially better informed and this can only be good for the long-term health of our societies and economies.
Blogs have potential to help the organization develop stronger relationships and brand loyalty with its customers, as they interact with the ‘human face’ of the organization through blogs.
Blogs, in an intranet environment, can be an excellent way of sharing knowledge within the organization.
Blogs can be a positive way of getting feedback, and keeping your finger on the pulse, as readers react to certain pieces, suggest story ideas, etc.
Blogs can build the profile of the writer, showcasing the organization as having talent and expertise.
The disadvantages of blogs are:
Most people don’t have very much to say that’s interesting, and/or are unable to write down their ideas in a compelling and clear manner.
I have often found that the people who have most time to write have least to say, and the people who have most to say don’t have enough time to write it. Thus, the real expertise within the organization lays hidden, as you get drowned in trivia.
Like practically everything else on the Web, blogs are easy to start and hard to maintain. Writing coherently is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for a human being to undertake. So, far from blogs being a cheap strategy, they are a very expensive one, in that they eat up time. As a result, many blogs are not updated, thus damaging rather than enhancing the reputation of the organization.
Organizations are not democracies. The Web makes many organizations look like disorganizations, with multiple tones and opinions. Contrary to what some might think, the average customer prefers it if the organization they are about to purchase from is at least somewhat coherent.
There’s money in words; real value, real worth. I’m not a blogger but I do have this newsletter and I can tell you that these 500 or so words that I publish every week have seen a major return on investment for me. As an individual, I would highly recommend that you have some sort of publishing strategy, whether it be a blog, newsletter, writing articles for magazines, website or whatever. This is an age where you will build your professional reputation word by word. Start off by finding something people care about and that you care about.

Gerry McGovern

This is show that the blog are usefull to the language learner as it help the language learner to improve and to enchance the writing skill which is very vital in our life.
Blog became useful as the language learner to express their thought and share their thought with other especially the blogger community without fear and favour.
it is also enhance the language profiency as well as the grammar itself.

12 MARCH 2008.

hilary hiew pictures

Annyong haseyo to everyone.

Here is my pictures which was taken in UKM PTSL Library on thursday 12 march 2009.
Hope all of you enjoy of it and my blog too.

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First assingment for The bahasa dan teknologi maklumat.

First assigment for the bahasa and teknoogi maklumat.

first assigment.
(The conclusion of the website the explaination).

From the previous assigment,my own view is that this website is useful not just who visited of it but me as it provided a new knowledge to me about the foundation skill as well as the personal skills.In this modern world,the personal skill as well as the foundation skills which very vital in the work life.With this website,it is hope that personal skill and the foundation will became vital and crucial for us.

4 MARCH 2009.
Good morning to everyone.
Ohayio gozaimasu

My name is Hilary Hiew.This is my first time in blog.I suppose to introduce myself when i started created my own blog previous months ago but it is not too late introduced my self to all of you..With this blog,i hope i able to share my views and thought to all of you.I hope everyone those who visiting my blog will able to enjoy.In terms of creativity,well i will tried my best to creative in design my own blog.Happy blogging to everyone.Have a nice day.

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First assingment for the bahasa and teknologi maklumat.

First assingment.



Reading for Information.

Business and employees face rising requirements for reading and math skills in today's workplaces. An American Management Association survey in 2000 of midsized and larger businesses found that 38% of job applicants taking employer-administered tests lacked the reading and math skills needed in the jobs for which they applied. Reading assessments need to focus on written materials that are used by employees in the workplace.
The WorkKeys Reading for Information test measures the skill people use when they read and use written text in order to do a job. The written texts include memos, letters, directions, signs, notices, bulletins, policies, and regulations. It is often the case that workplace communications are not necessarily well-written or targeted to the appropriate audience. Reading for Information materials do not include information that is presented graphically, such as in charts, forms, or blueprints.
Related Information
Sample items—Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7

There are five levels of difficulty. Level 3 is the least complex and Level 7 is the most complex. The levels build on each other, each incorporating the skills assessed at the preceding levels. For example, at Level 5, individuals need the skills from Levels 3, 4, and 5. The reading materials at Level 3 are short and direct. The material becomes longer, denser, and more difficult to use as readers move toward Level 7. The tasks also become more complex as readers move from Level 3 to Level 7. At Level 3, readers begin by finding very obvious details and following short instructions. At the more complex levels, tasks can also involve more application and interpretation.

Characteristics of Items
3View sample item
Reading materials include basic company policies, procedures, and announcements
Reading materials are short and simple, with no extra information
Reading materials tell readers what they should do
All needed information is stated clearly and directly
Items focus on the main points of the passages
Wording of the questions and answers is similar or identical to the wording used in the reading materials
Identify main ideas and clearly stated details
Choose the correct meaning of a word that is clearly defined in the reading
Choose the correct meaning of common, everyday workplace words
Choose when to perform each step in a short series of steps
Apply instructions to a situation that is the same as the one in the reading materials
Characteristics of Items
4View sample item
Reading materials include company policies, procedures, and notices
Reading materials are straightforward, but have longer sentences and contain a number of details
Reading materials use common words, but do have some harder words, too
Reading materials describe procedures that include several steps
When following the procedures, individuals must think about changing conditions that affect what they should do
Questions and answers are often paraphrased from the passage
Identify important details that may not be clearly stated
Use the reading material to figure out the meaning of words that are not defined
Apply instructions with several steps to a situation that is the same as the situation in the reading materials
Choose what to do when changing conditions call for a different action (follow directions that include "if-then" statements)
Characteristics of Items
5View sample item
Policies, procedures, and announcements include all of the information needed to finish a task
Information is stated clearly and directly, but the materials have many details
Materials also include jargon, technical terms, acronyms, or words that have several meanings
Application of information given in the passage to a situation that is not specifically described in the passage
There are several considerations to be taken into account in order to choose the correct actions
Figure out the correct meaning of a word based on how the word is used
Identify the correct meaning of an acronym that is defined in the document
Identify the paraphrased definition of a technical term or jargon that is defined in the document
Apply technical terms and jargon and relate them to stated situations
Apply straightforward instructions to a new situation that is similar to the one described in the material
Apply complex instructions that include conditionals to situations described in the materials
Characteristics of Items
6View sample item
Reading materials include elaborate procedures, complicated information, and legal regulations found in all kinds of workplace documents
Complicated sentences with difficult words, jargon, and technical terms
Most of the information needed to answer the items is not clearly stated
Identify implied details
Use technical terms and jargon in new situations
Figure out the less common meaning of a word based on the context
Apply complicated instructions to new situations
Figure out the principles behind policies, rules, and procedures
Apply general principles from the materials to similar and new situations
Explain the rationale behind a procedure, policy, or communication
Characteristics of Items
7View sample item
Very complex reading materials
Information includes a lot of details
Complicated concepts
Difficult vocabulary
Unusual jargon and technical terms are used, but not defined
Writing often lacks clarity and direction
Readers must draw conclusions from some parts of the reading and apply them to other parts
Figure out the definitions of difficult, uncommon words based on how they are used
Figure out the meaning of jargon or technical terms based on how they are used
Figure out the general principles behind policies and apply them to situations that are quite different from any described in the materials .

Here is the example of the reading for the information.
In this website
There are several activities and explanation about this website.

In this website,it explain about ACT and the reading for the information.It is explain the workkeys assement mainly the personal skills,provide the relevant of the information about workplace levels.In the foundation skills,there are several criteria such as

a)reading for the information
b)applied mathematic
c)business writing
e)location information
I)applied technology

In this website,also provide the several activities such as characteristic skill and reading the sample which useful for those who want improve the foundation and personal skills.

It is hope that this website will able help those who interested of it to upgrade their foundation skill and the personal skill.

Hilary hiew A124888.