Monday, February 9, 2009

The uncertainity and chaos of malaysian politics

The uncertainity political especially in malaysian politics cause the chaos which happen recently in Perak.With the collapse of the pakatan rakyat which ruled less one month cause the anxiety among the malaysian politics.Two days ago,we are been shocked the dark history chapter repeated again in 1998 when the pakatan rakyat supporter march toward the royal places express their anger again the sultan for the backing the barisan nasional.This caused the peace and tranquility our country are in danger.The drama which happened in recently shows that the the barisan nasional under the UMNO seeking the coup d etat when barisan nasional stage the coup de etat again the pakatan rakyat with the three assemblymen of DAP and PKR.This caused the pakatan rakyat under the chief minister ,Datuk Seri Nizar Jammaludin were lost their two third majority in forming the goverment.To be honest,Datuk Seri Nizar Jammaludin were still legally hold the post as Chief Minister of perak.As suggestion,the Perak assembly should propose the emergency meeting to discuss the this issue and to propose the vote no-confidence against thier chief minister .It should be the proper the way to show that the rakyat jugdemen are most important people to decide whether this chief minister are fit or unfit in holding this post.As malaysian people,it is hope that the peolpe especially the rakyat shold work together to prevent this political chaos and drama happend again in the future.

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