Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Breakfsat sale on 13 september 2009.

Two days ago,i joined the Breakfast Sale which conducted by the CSSUKM@Catholic Student Society in UKM.The purpose of this Breakfast Sale is to raise the money to fund our incoming activities.To me,this is good activities which is interesting and yet fund to us.By Having this activities,it will definely promote spirit the unity among the members as well integrate with other member especially between junior and senior members.Such this activities are good for us for we able to sharpen our Soft skill which crucial to us especially undergraduate students so that this skill able to applied in our daily time.Here i compile with several pictures in above.Hope you enjoy of it.
I will like to say thank you to the member as well as the excos for conducting this event which is very crucial and meaningfull.As member of the CSSUKM,it is hope that this event shall be held again in the future to promote our spirit of brotherhood in Christ and thank God that everthing is planned well.

Adios Amigo,


15 SEPTEMBER 2009.

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